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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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You've come to the right place if you want a bathtub that will last for years. We build long-lasting tubs, showers, and conversion kits. Each component of an Island Walk-In Tubs product is of excellent quality; it was sourced with safety and dependability in mind. That is why we provide the best warranty available. The tub and its components are warranted for life, and all electrical components are warranted for 5 years.

Open walk-in tub
Walk-in tub in a bathroom

What to Know Before Buying

All of our items come with a lifetime limited warranty as standard. "Lifetime" is appealing, but what does "limited" imply? The warranty covers any broken or malfunctioning components. However, as you might imagine, our warranty does not cover damage caused by improper usage of our products. (In other words, don't let the kids doodle with permanent marker on your tub since we won't cover it.)

Parts of Bath Walk-in Tubs

All components are covered, including:

  • Manufacturer defects

  • Acrylic shells

  • Stainless steel frames

  • Aluminum door and frame

  • High-flow faucets and shower wands

  • Optional add-ons from Safety

  • Bath Walk-in Tubs

  • PVC drains

Space-saving fairmount tubs

How to Make a Warranty Claim

After making a purchase and activating your warranty, what happens if something does not continue to function as intended? Since we take great pride in our products, we want to make any problems you have as simple and quick to solve as we can. Simply get in touch with us to begin submitting a claim, and we'll get you going right away.

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