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Enter Your Bath with Comfort and Confidence

Island Walk-In Tubs offers a wide range of tubs and showers built by a Canadian manufacturer who has been in the business since 1992. We offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labour.

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Safe Step-in and Relaxing Walk-in Bathtubs

At Island Walk-In Tubs, we provide safe, stylish and durable walk-in bathtubs on Vancouver Island. Our products are made by a well-known Canadian firm that has been around since 1992 and has a successful track record. You can be confident that you are making the best choice when you select us because we thoroughly go over all of the features and advantages, pay close attention to your needs, and do our best to honestly address any of your concerns. Our high-quality products are reasonably priced. We take pleasure in guiding you toward the best choice given your unique requirements and financial factors.

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Walk-in tub in the bathroom

Enjoy a Soothing Hot Bath in Our Walk-in Bathtubs

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Bathroom Safety Along with Peace of Mind

Your new walk-in tub allows you to step in and out safely without worrying about tripping or falling.

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Maintaining Your Independence at Home

It is estimated that a walk-in tub will allow you to remain independent in your home for an additional five years without needing assistance.

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Pain-relieving Hydrotherapy

It is scientifically proven that hydrotherapy will help increase blood flow and stimulate circulations, delivering healing oxygen to all the cells in your body.

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Fills and Drains Quickly

It should say takes only 4 minutes to fill and 90 seconds to empty for most models.

Quality Walk-in Tubs Assembled in Canada

Space-saving fairmount tubs

Space-saving Design


  • Inward-swinging all-aluminum door 

  • High-flow taps 

  • Stainless steel hoses 

  • Eight levelling legs

Accessible Panama Walk-in tubs

Easy Accessibility


  • Novel outward-swinging door

  • Huge 32" wide entrance

  • Quick-filling taps

Spacious Oasis Walk-in Tub

More Room for Legs


  • Newest addition to our collection

  • Length of 60′′

  • Reclining backrest

Comfortable Grandeur Walk-in Tub.jpg

Bathing in Comfort 


  • Bariatric bathtub 

  • Large 32" wide outward-swinging door 

  • 30" wide seat 

  • High-flow taps 

  • Stainless steel hoses

Affordable Walk-in So-Lo Tub

Familiar Accessibility


  • Regular 5′ tub 

  • Door for easy access

  • Low-cost option

Easy Walk-in or Barrier-free Showers


  • Reduces hurdles to showering 

  • 3/4′′ entrance 

  • Simple access for walkers

  • Barrier-free and standard glass door showers available

Zen Upright Sitting Tub

Upright Seating


  • Fit into spaces as small as 43 inches

  • High walls

  • Upright type seating 

  • Outward-swinging door

Narrowest Tub


  • Outward-swinging door

  • High-flow tap

  • White acrylic material

What Do Customers Say?

Read what our customers think about working with us.

Independent Bathing Experience

 "I was stuck in the old regular tub for 3 hours one day and could not get out. I said never again and only showered for the past 3 years. I recently installed the Panama Safety Bath and no longer have any fear when bathing. I believe this will help me live in my home independently for many more years." 

- Pete J.

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Tub Comparison Chart

Island walkin tubs.png
In-swing door
Popular choice
Extra wide seat
Reclined seat
Deep and compact
Narrow and efficient
Economical choice
29 ¾”W
29” W
35” W
60” L
43” L
51” L
59 ½“” L
37 ½“ H
37“ H
37“ H
29” W
29” W
26” W
31” W
51 ¼” L
51” L
53” L
39“ H
43” H
37“ H
21 ½“ H
55-60 gallons
55-60 gallons
110 gallons
70-76 gallons
55-60 gallons
45-50 gallons
30 gallons
* Comes equipped with warm air massage
* Comes equipped with warm air massage
* Comes equipped with warm air massage
* Comes equipped with warm air massage

Federal Government Tax Credits for BC Seniors and Provincial Grants

Get in touch to find out if you qualify to receive a $9500+  gov't grant & a $2,500 tax credit for your new walk-in tub!

Tax Credit
A woman wearing a bathrobe in a bathroom
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Choose the Perfect Walk-in Tub for Your Bathroom

Relax and soak in our Canadian-assembled tubs with no worries.

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